Preserves food in a healthy and natural way, reduces food waste, saves meters of plastic film and money, protects the sea and the whole environment.

Use beeopak with all your foods to:

  • Preserve: bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables and herbs;
  • Cover: bowls, containers, serving dishes, salad bowls;
  • Take with you to school, work, the beach and wherever you
    go: snacks, sandwiches, crackers, cookies and more;
  • Freeze: beeopak is not afraid of the cold. Remember to
    always thaw at room temperature;
  • Encourage leavening: cover the container where the dough is resting or wrap it directly when preparing cakes and fresh pasta.

How to use it

Wrap food

Keep them fresh longer

You can wash the beeopak with cold water

Reusable for more than a year

Discover all the uses of beeopak

Check out some ideas for inspiration but remember that beeopak is multi-purpose!

Wrap the salad
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Preserve bread and cheese
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Cover a bowl
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Wrap large vegetables
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Create a large bag
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Create a small bag
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Wrap a sandwich
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Keep the grated cheese
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How to wash

Wash beeopak with cold water.

Soak beeopak in the sink in cold water with a few drops of eco-friendly soap. Clean it gently with a soft sponge or natural brush. You can use white vinegar, which has disinfecting properties, in water or directly over the sheet. Rinse and let it dry in the dish rack. When dry, fold it up and store it in a drawer in its original envelop.

You can use our vegetable spare head when beeopaks do not need to be washed with soap and water. It sweeps away crumbs and small food residues that remain on the beeopak. This way they will last longer!

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It’s so easy! Hand wash with cold water and alcohol-free, eco-friendly soap. Let it dry flat, in the dish rack or elsewhere, at room temperature. We recommend our organic solid soap based on IGP hazelnut oil, which is very gentle.

If washed properly beeopak can last a year and more if used with care. To re-use it, it is not always necessary to wash it with water (and soap). How long it lasts depends a lot on its use. We recommend keeping a single beeopak to use for the same type of food (such as bread or aged cheese). In this way it will be enough even a brush without the use of water to remove residues of cheese, bread, or vegetables. If it is used as a lid (not in direct contact with food) no washing is necessary. Over time it may change its appearance a bit, but not its functionality.

Beeopak is MOCA (Food Contact Materials and Objects) certified to be in contact with food. It can be used both at home and in professional environments to preserve food longer. It is the only Italian food wrap made with certified organic ingredients.

Don’t worry! beeopak is like a dress for food and it is natural that with use it changes its appearance and appears a little worn and with some wrinkles. To renew it, simply place it on a sheet of parchment paper and put it in the oven preheated to 110° for no more than 2 minutes. When its surface will become shiny, take it out by the ends and let it dry by fanning it in the air.
It will be almost as good as new.

A store-bought cheese (that was in plastic), if stored very long in the fridge in the beeopak, might still get a little moldy. However, the cheese has breathed, unlike a cheese stored in foil, so just wipe off the mold and the cheese will have retained its flavor.

Beeopak, if not used for a long time can dry out. In these cases we recommend storing them in a closed place (such as a container). To reactivate them, simply warm them up with your hands and wrap them to create a ball. Beeopak loves to be used!

They may seem expensive at first glance, but remember that they are made with organic, zero-mileage ingredients, reusable and multi-purpose, last more than 1 year and save you about 200 € per year of food not thrown away!

Beeopak is perfect for wrapping and freezing foods. Take care to open the sheets only after letting them soften for a few minutes at room temperature.

Beeopak fears heat so it is not suitable for placing in the oven.

È ottimo per avvolgere e proteggere tutti gli alimenti! Visto che i fogli non sono lavabili con acqua calda sconsigliamo il contatto diretto con carne, pesce e formaggi troppo molli. Inoltre prima di coprire un contenitore caldo è meglio farlo raffreddare per evitare che la cera si sciolga.

The wax of which beeopak is partly composed tends to harden naturally in cold weather. The warmth of your hands will make it moldable again and adaptable to any surface.

When beeopak is new it can leave a wax residue on the surface of the container; simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.
cloth. It only happens the first few times you use it.

It is not necessary but, if you prefer, it can be rinsed quickly under cold water before using it for the first time.

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