Preserves food in a healthy and natural way, reduces food waste, saves meters of plastic film and money, protects the sea and the whole environment.

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Use beeopak with all your foods to:

  • Preserve: bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables and herbs
  • Cover: bowls, containers, serving dishes, salad bowls
  • Take with you to school, work, the beach and wherever you
    go: snacks, sandwiches, crackers, cookies and more.
  • Freeze: beeopak is not afraid of the cold. Remember to
    always thaw at room temperature.
  • Create convenient pouches: for storing or transporting foods
  • Encourage leavening: cover the container where the dough is resting or wrap it directly when preparing cakes and fresh pasta.

How to use it

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Wrap food

verdure di stagione

Keep them fresh longer


You can wash the beeopak with cold water

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Reusable for more than a year

Discover all the uses of beeopak

Check out some ideas for inspiration but remember that beeopak is multi-purpose!

Wrap the salad
come avvolgere insalata
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Preserve bread and cheese
come conservare pane e formaggio
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Cover a bowl
come coprire una ciotola
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Wrap large vegetables
come avvolgere verdure grandi
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Create a large bag
come creare un sacchettino grande
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Create a small bag
come creare un sacchettino piccolo
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Wrap a sandwich
come avvolgere un panino
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Keep the grated cheese
utile con il formaggio gratuggiato
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How to wash

Wash beeopak with cold water.

Soak beeopak in the sink in cold water with a few drops of eco-friendly soap. Clean it gently with a soft sponge or natural brush. You can use white vinegar, which has disinfecting properties, in water or directly over the sheet. Rinse and let it dry in the dish rack. When dry, fold it up and store it in a drawer in its original envelop.

You can use our vegetable spare head when beeopaks do not need to be washed with soap and water. It sweeps away crumbs and small food residues that remain on the beeopak. This way they will last longer!

immersione in acqua
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come usare spazzola naturale
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