Founded in 2019, we are a small all-female innovative startup that was the first to bring beeswax food films created with organic and km0 raw materials to the Italian market.

Over the years we have added new products to the production of beeopak films to help you make your beeopak last longer and reduce the amount of plastic used in the kitchen.

The guiding idea behind our work is that everyone can contribute to greater sustainability and to preserving nature as much as possible. Producers and consumers with their choices can influence the future of our planet.


It is very important for us not to waste the valuable raw materials we use for production. Recovery and reuse guide our decisions.

→ We have developed a production system that allows us to be zero waste. Production waste is fed back into the production cycle to create new products such as our beeocandles, while others, such as fire starters, are derived from the return of our customers’ beeopaks.

→ We offer beeobars, coffins from our blend to enable our customers to re-wax fabric and extend the useful life of beeopak films.


By sourcing from local producers by giving proper value to their products

By reusing our waste and reclaiming our products at the end of their lives

By using recycled paper packaging made in Turin

All our packages are shipped in recovered paper envelopes and boxes without the use of tape and plastic

Using natural packaging such as
hazelnut shells

We deliver in Turin through Mercury By Bike bike couriers (we are also developing the service in
other major cities)

We use only energy from
renewable sources

We sell only biodegradable products

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The entire production process of beeopaks is handmade in our workshop in Turin with local raw materials. By doing so we reduce our impact on the environment by offering you a high quality product completely made in Italy.

We have also relied on labor from social cooperatives in order to enable training and job placement.

Special thanks go to you customers who choose our products every day and to our Crowdfunders who believed in us and our project. Beeopak has had phases of growth and contraction, we hope that this year will also be a good one and that more people will believe that even with small gestures like buying a simple beeopak, we can have a positive impact on society.


To offer the best possible product, we have spent a lot of time on research and development.

We collaborate with Fontys University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands to obtain scientific feedback and confirmation on the recipe and preparation method of beeopak and the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo for tests and analysis on the behavior of food preserved with beeopak.

We continue to experiment on new fabrics, new oils and waxes with the goal of decreasing our environmental impact by making the most of what our land can offer us.


The footprint of beeopaks is much lower than plastic film, aluminum film, and plastic bag.

Each year 600 g of plastic and 15.6 kg of co2 are put into the ecosystem for each person who uses disposable plastic film. After about thirty uses of beeopak, its impact is nullified compared to disposable materials.

Beeopaks are never thrown away!
You can reuse them as lanyards or as fire starters. If you really want to throw them away, remember that beeopak is biodegradable and compostable or you can bring them back to us with the Bring Back initiative.

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