It was 2019, it all started from an intuition of Clarien, our CEO, head of production, research and development. A spark ignited while walking among the hazel trees, in contact with nature.

With a little courage and a lot of madness comes to life beeopak that offers on the Italian market the first organic food film Made in Italy!

Beeopak is a product with ancient origins, linked to old conservation techniques rediscover and readapt to the needs of today, in full respect of nature and to the needs of today, in full respect of nature and its biological cycles.

Today we are 10 people engaged in a shared artisan project, made of passion, care and commitment that after 3 years are still amazed by the magic that takes place every time the beeswax is combined with cotton, giving life to a piece of cloth with extraordinary “powers”. We still get excited when a new package of beeopak is ready to be shipped.

We are an innovative startup, a great little project costantly evolving, a business structure being defined and that in the latest years has earned the trust of clients, suppliues, partners and investors.

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