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Cotton film in beeswax in favor of CasaOz onlus

Choose beeopak “special edition” and support with us the projects of CasaOz!
Contribute to improve your daily life and that of children, teens and families living with the disease.

Snack Pak – 2 x Medium (30 x 30 cm).

The Medium size is perfect for wrapping sandwiches, snacks and creating convenient little bags to take to school, the office or on the go.


Snack Pak was created to offer an ecological, healthy and natural alternative to wrap snacks and lunches for school and away from home, developing a fantasy that children like (and why not, even older children!).

It was only a year ago that the Ministry of Health issued its latest report warning of the toxicity of aluminum foil when it comes into contact with certain natural acidic substances. Plastic film has been a practical way to preserve food but with many disadvantages: plastic film pollutes the environment, with heat it releases harmful chemicals and it does not help to preserve food intact. Today schools are obliged to talk about sustainability and environmental impact in the classroom.

Snack Pak is the healthy and eco-friendly choice that would also help decrease the amount of trash produced in schools, cut waste due to the use of disposable food solutions and give more support to the efforts of teachers and hundreds of other organizations in raising awareness among young people to respect the environment.

Young people are the first to love new things and respect nature, now you can easily share the benefits of beeopak cotton and beeswax wrap with them!


Wrap food as intuitively as you do a gift!

beeopak can be washed with cold water and a soft sponge or natural brush to pass over it. You can also dissolve natural soap in water and dip the beeopak wrap in it or use white vinegar, which has disinfecting properties directly on top.

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