Solid soap and soap dish

Organic soap based on hazelnut oil. Made by hand, according to the cold kneading method, with listerelle soap dish, made of oiled oak wood

Package containing:
  • n.1 organic solid soap of 70gr
  • n.1 reusable minimix wrapping the soap bar
  • n.1 wooden soap dish with strips (11 x 8 x 2 cm)
This organic soap based on hazelnut oil is producedusing only high quality ingredients to guarantee you a special detergent suitable for the skin and cleansing of our beeopaks.

The cut, made by hand, makes each soap a unique piece. We have chosen a practical and multipurpose soap that will make washing your beeopaks a real pleasure!

✔️ Ensures long life to your beeswax sheets
✔️Its special formula, gentle and natural, makes it perfect for cleansing even the most sensitive skin.
✔️ Free of fragrance
✔️ Plastic Free and Zero Waste

Effective, sustainable, multi-purpose and zero waste.

Produced in collaboration with an artisan laboratory of cosmetic production in the province of Turin.
The listerelle soap dish, made of oiled oak wood, allows the soap to dry well between uses and last longer.

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