Medium Pak

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Cotton film in beeswax

Package containing n.2 organic beeswax sheets:
– n.1 Small (20x 20 cm)
– n.1 Medium (30 x 30 cm)


Beeopak is an eco-friendly wrapper made of organic cotton fabric soaked in a 100% natural blend of organic beeswax that keeps food fresh for a long time, and makes the fabric washable and reusable.

beeopak stands out because of the way it is made:

  • It uses only quality Italian raw materials and organic km 0, not imported from abroad
  • The cotton is spun specifically for beeopak in Italy to ensure the optimal absorbency of our blend; this means it preserves food better and the waxing does not wash off, meaning it really lasts more than 1 year
  • We take great care of design to bring elegance and style into your home


Wrap food as intuitively as you do a gift!

beeopak can be washed with cold water and a soft sponge or natural brush to pass over it. You can also dissolve some natural soap in the water and soak the beeopak wrap in it or use white vinegar, which has disinfecting properties, directly on top.”

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