Beeopak Outlet Extra Large

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Extra Large

Single wrappers available in Extra Large size (50 x 50 cm)


Buy one wrapper size XL individually, ideal for:

  • Large bread shapes
  • Large bowls
  • Watermelon
  • Folding bags

beeopaks in the outlet have  minor aesthetic production defects that do not affect their functionality:

  • Propolis stains
  • Lines after ironing
  • Printing or cutting errors
    (with measurements that can be max. 3 cm less)

You can choose to buy the single sheet or make up your own pak by selecting the sizes that suit you, at a special price. 

(One envelope fits several sheets)

The different patterns are a surprise! 

You can integrate your collection with sizes that are still missing or that you have never used in your kitchen before.

Ours is a craftsmanship and we strive daily to maintain the high quality of our products; with precision and care we select them and  check their  characteristics. And when, just aesthetically, they are not ‘perfect’, we like to think that  you can still use them.

Less waste for us, more savings for you!

Check our outlet availability every Friday.

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