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Recycled organic beeswax candle with lower candle and flame starter

Dimensions: diameter 6 cm | height 8 cm

Net weight: 100 gr.

Duration: approx. 12 hours


Each beeocandle is made by reusing our own blend of organic wax, hazelnut oil and pine resin.

It consists of a mini beeopak, which can be used to protect the wick when the candle is not in use and as a non-slip sub-candle, and a string to light the candle. Thanks to its length, it is possible to reach the wick even when the candle is almost ready.

The size of the glass jar is such that the whole candle can be burned, with very little waste. To reuse it, pour boiling water into the jar and wait until you see the wax solidify on the surface. Remove the wax disc and continue washing.

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